Favorite: Scratch Bakeshop

Oh Scratch Bakeshop, how we love thee!  Seriously, we really do.  I think our love began with the delicate French macarons that are available daily.  Not the chewy, coconut macaroons (still yummy), but the dainty, French sandwich pastry, called the macaron – only one ‘o’; rhymes with phone, home – I think you get the point.

The flavors change bi-weekly, which means that we need to go…at least bi-weekly!  Oh the thin crisp of the outer shell as you bite into the French macaron; the dreamy filling that may consist of ganache, fruit jams, flavored buttercream, etc.  Every time we bite into a macaron, we get that warm fuzzy feeling, and can’t help but have a noticeable smile on our faces.  We have even done the eyes closed, savoring each bite, “mmmm’ noise, when biting into one of these beauties. The possibilities are endless, which is exactly what Scratch Bakeshop shows us!

Ok, so let’s back up a bit, before this entire post is about our love of Scratch’s macarons!  We would not be able to seek our endless macaron cravings if it wasn’t for Scratch Bakeshop, which is owned by two lovely women, Kate and Molly.  Although they did not grow up in Rochester, they have certainly established themselves in the Rochester food scene.  They initially met, working at Village Bakery.  Molly was the head of the Pastry Department and Kate had begun working at Village Bakery, shortly after leaving the Owl House, where she started as a Server and moved to Baker.  At this point, Molly and Kate began Scratch, working out of their apartments.  They both continued their full time positions, leaving Village Bakery and moving to The Revelry (Molly worked here as a Pastry Chef) and Victoire (Kate worked here as a server).  Clearly these ladies had a lot of experience as they were growing Scratch.  Molly and Kate did not expect the quick growing outpour of support from the local community.  They went straight to Kickstarter to raise $10,000 to build a commercial kitchen at their store location on Park Ave.  They both expressed that it was “overwhelming to feel so much love and support from the community.”

In turn, they love to show their own support of the Rochester community. Many of the ingredients that they use in their products come from local farmers.  If you are in need of a recommendation for a florist, photographer, or other service, Molly and Kate are quick to recommend local businesses.

“We feel as though we are opening Rochester up to a whole new world of desserts.  We continuously search our brains for out of the box ideas and recipes.  We love to try new things and stay ahead of trends.”  This is clearly true.  The variety of flavorings and options available to customers continues to grow.  Molly and Kate are inspired by their travels, the seasons, and local and fresh ingredients.  An example of a pair up with a local business is their connection with F Oliver’s.  One of their favorite items they have created is a Chocolate Blood Orange Balsamic Cake, using F Oliver’s products.  They also made a macaron with balsamic, which was fantastic! They share a passion for food and cooking, which comes out in their products.  Experimentation is key and “inspiration can be found everywhere and anywhere if you just open your eyes.”

Included in the baked goods that are offered, there are the traditional baked goods, but also dairy free, vegan, gluten free and vegan/gluten free goods.  The increase in the market for non traditional items are growing and Scratch Bakeshop is able to cater to that need.  A bit less than half of their business is with clients who are gluten free or vegan.

Let’s get to the tasty items….
Some of the items they offer are cakes, brownies, cupcakes, shortbread cookies, cake truffles, chocolate cookies, and of course….let’s say it together….macarons!  They also provide custom goods for events.  A hint check out their Instagram or Facebook page and look at the gorgeous creations that they continue to develop.

Molly and Kate clearly have a passion for baking and cooking and they hope to make people happy with the items they share with their customers. “We believe the key to life is finding something you are passionate about and going after it, despite any set back you feel might come your way.”

This is a must try for locals; in fact, bring anyone visiting Rochester here too or send the items as a gift to a lover of baked goods!

Location:  113 Park Ave
                  Rochester, NY 14607

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