Must Try: JonJohn’s Bakery

As you head into the Brighton Farmer’s Market, there is a lot to take in: the food trucks, organic and local produce, and nestled in between is JonJohn’s Bakery.  The name comes from the owners- Jon and John.  Jonathan’s (Jon) grandmother is the inspiration for many of the delicious desserts.  The carrot cake is made from a long time home recipe from Jon’s family.  Oh and by the way, the carrot cake is made with local, organic carrots, right from the market!

 John is a local Special Education teacher.  He has been teaching for 19 years.  With Beth and I both being teachers, and myself as a special educator, we need to give some local love and support to local teachers doing great things.  John also does all the photography for the website!

About 15 years ago, Jon and John had a small storefront location on Winton.  At the market, I met their first customer, Robert, who walked in that first day upon opening the storefront.  He continues to choose JonJohn’s Bakery, 15 years later, for his desserts!  Currently JonJohn’s Bakery operates out of home.  See below for contact information!

JonJohn’s Bakery offers a variety of baked goods that include cakes, cookies, and other specialty items.  They are famous for their peanut butter balls which are a combination of peanut butter and crisped rice coated in a 60% dark chocolate.  Their brownies are to die for– rich and chocolatey, oh how I wish there was one here right now!  Think it can’t get better?  John also let us sample another dessert that included the same brownie, but was topped with cheesecake and coated in OREOs!  Yeah, you heard me right!

Fudgy brownie with Cheesecake swirled in and covered in OREOs

The many varieties of muffins offered.
If you love the brownie, then you will love their chocolate muffin, which uses the same batter!  

During our Brighton Farmer’s Market visit, JonJohn’s also offered roast pork sandwiches and baked mac and cheese.  BONUS!

Whether you head down to Brighton Farmer’s Market or contact these guys through Facebook or their website, make sure you try some of their desserts.  You can order desserts for events or custom desserts, just make sure you contact them with a few days in advance.  They also offer a home delivery.  Trust us on this one…you won’t regret it.  In fact, you will be going back, wanting more!


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