Effortlessly Healthy Meals

Ringing in the new year, many are focused on a healthier lifestyle, which includes the food we put into our mouths every day.  Shaina Sidoti’s Effortlessly Healthy Meals, allows for a healthier option, at the convenience of a take-out, dine-in cafe, or meal delivery service.  However, I would not limit Shaina’s EH Meals to just many of our New Years resolutions.

Shaina originally entered into a path of study in health care administration.  She suffered from psoriatic arthritis, which is partly characterized by chronic inflammation of the joints.  The joints can become painful, stiff, and swollen.  Shaina entered into a study in which she was placed on medication.  Upon  entering Stage 3 of her treatment, she decided to pursue further treatment outside of the medical study, which led her to a 100% strict clean eating diet for 6 months.  What does clean eating mean?  Well, Shaina, began carefully choosing meal items that include lean meats and foods that are naturally grown (fruits and vegetables).  With this new change in her eating habits, Shaina was not only able to shed 60 pounds, but she also eliminated her  symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.  Currently, Shaina has been in remission for over 2 years!

Shaina, committed to her strong work ethic, quickly became the youngest administrator at the University of Rochester department of surgery.  Inspired by her decrease, and soon elimination, of the chronic pain, Shaina began telling anyone she could, at work and outside of work, about how her new diet change had put her into remission.  She continued to want to spread the word and felt the need to help others to overcome areas that they may see as a struggle, whether it be weight loss, joint pain/arthritis, or personal healthy living.  Shaina wants to be able to continue to reach out to busy families that may be looking for healthy meal options on those busy nights, pregnant mothers wanting to make healthy meal choices for themselves and their soon to be born babies, and others.

With enthusiasm, Shaina began Effortlessly Healthy meals.  You may have seen her food truck cruising around Rochester.  She has participated in Rochester’s Food Truck Rodeo and other local events.  You can book Shaina’s food truck for your own events, such as a graduation party, corporate event, or birthday party.  However, “We are way more than a food truck.” Shaina says.  She wants people to know that there are many options that she offers.

With Shaina’s growing customers, she rented out kitchen space in the public market.  As her staff grew, including her mother as executive chef, along with her meal options, prep work, and service options, Shaina opened up the brick-and-mortar location on 1921 South Avenue.  She is extremely proud of her growth and looks to continue to expand.  Shaina connects with local distributors, such as Flower City Produce, to meet the growing needs of the variety of meal choices.  She wants to feed people around Rochester and help them to choose healthier meals, by providing delicious options.  Yes, the choices are healthy, but what many may typically associate with healthy -food that may taste bland or is lacking character and heartiness(I understand that not everyone associates in this way!) – is not what you will get with Shaina’s meals.  She offers an array of options, featuring trash plates (a healthier version of Rochester’s garbage plate, which includes coleslaw, roasted sweet potatoes, topped with creamy, house-made avocado sauce), wraps, and salads in their cafe and takeout menus.  The best feature, which I get excited about…yes, I am the type of person that jumps for joy when any sort of add on or option is available….is that you can choose from a meal style that suits you.  For example, the trash plates, which are the highest selling meal item at EH Meals, can be made with your choice of burger, steak, chicken, tofu, or my favorite, portobello mushroom.  Additional add-ons, such as bacon, fresh avocado (YUM!!), roasted red peppers, artichokes, or a homemade meat hot sauce can top your trash plate!  Take one look at this picture and you will be running, not walking, to get yourself to EH Meals!  These lunch and dinner meal options are available from $6.50 to 8.50 daily!

Shaina also offers a meal delivery service.  This is extremely appealing, especially if you need healthier dinners for those busy nights or are in search of a weight loss plan.  Shaina will take your personal needs into consideration when meal planning and prepping.  If you are in search of a weight loss meal plan, Shaina will personalize your meals to help you to reach your goal.  There is a focus on calorie count, portioning, and leaner meats/vegetable options, while maintaining a home-cooked, tasty meal.  The most enticing part of the meal delivery service, which is not limited to a weight loss plans, is the variety of meal options that are available.  Shaina posts her monthly meal options on her website, with choices like mouth-watering chicken and chili tacos, shepard’s pie, apple and cinnamon parfait, and pork tenderloin with carmelized apples and spinach. (click here to view this months example) Gluten free, dairy free, and vegan meal choices are also available.  Shaina’s meal delivery service offers meals that are fresh, never frozen.  Interested in some of the meal choices, but want to save them for another night?  Frozen options are available in the cafe, but the choices may vary from day to day.

If you are looking to bring a healthier meal option to a corporate event, school venue, party, or more, contact Effortlessly Healthy for their catering services. Shaina can also offer a “lunch and learn,” which includes her catering, with a direct conference in which Shaina personally discusses making healthier meal choices among many unhealthy options that can be offered.  This is a focus on choosing healthier meals for those nights where fast food or quick dinner choices may be “what’s for dinner tonight.”

Take a drive on down to Effortlessly Healthy and say “Hi” to Shaina.  She is thrilled to be expecting a  new baby into this world soon!  You may also know her boyfriend, Mike Zazzaro, who is the Executive Chef and owner of Chef’s Catering.  (click here to see my previous blogpost, which includes a feature on Chef’s Catering)  Shaina looks forward to continuing her success with Effortlessly Healthy Meals.  She would like to grow into multiple locations, offering quick, healthy, and delicious tasting meals for people to eat at.  Don’t worry, her number one seller, the trash plate, will not be leaving her menu when she expands!

EH Meals Options:
-pick-up lunch and dinner
-“lunch and learn”
-meal delivery
-cafe (dine-in)
-food truck
-frozen dinners

1921 South Avenue

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