Affaire de Chocolat

Chocolate.  Oh just the word brings tingles, happy memories, and anticipation all at the same time!  Chocolate can be indulgent, it can cure sadness;  Chocolate can bring cheer; Chocolate can be a gift of love or a gift of friendship.  Chocolate can form a new friendship.  The versatility of chocolate may be what draws us to it, but the delectable taste, whether dark, white or milk chocolate, is what keeps us coming back for more.

Affaire de Chocolat, located in Fairport, offers a multitude of chocolates for whatever your need may be.  Debra, owner and chocolate artisan, hand crafts each of her chocolate creations.  She always had a love for making confections, since her youth.  She began to follow her dream, making Wedding and Event Cakes in the 80s.  After ending a career as a hairstylist and a nail technician, Debra wanted to go back to her initial love, which led her to the creation of Affaire de Chocolat.  Opening day was 15 years ago, back in 2001.  Debra continues to craft and create at her location on 98 N. Main Street in Fairport.

What’s in name?  A Story.  A Lifestyle.  A Love.  Debra’s brother originally suggested that the name should include the word chocolate.  When determining the rest of the name, Debra wanted to bring homage to her heritage.  Her grandfather came from France and Debra wanted to honor her family in the name of her love of chocolate and new business creation.  Many of the chocolates and truffles that she creates are also named after family members and friends.

“Ideas and flavor profiles for my chocolates ‘just come to me’…the ideas appear in my head…I actually visualize the look and feel of the chocolates” as well as the taste, Debra describes.  A true mark of an artisan.  Debra offers a great variety of chocolates in her store and is continually inspired to create new additions to the offerings.  One of Debra’s newest additions to her store is the RocCity Chocolates, inspired directly by our city of Rochester.  She described her love of Rochester and her desire to showcase her roots.  “I believe Rochester is a city that encourages and inspires healthful life choices.”  Debra’s newest collection includes 3 bars, Well-Being, Energy, and Vitality, which offer a “nudge”, at healthful living.  To create each bar, Debra delved into researching documented medical facts and scientific studies of a variety of spices.  With research complete, Debra began her creation, which includes a custom blend of spice to promote well being, energy, and vitality.

Debra also offers seasonal chocolates and chocolates that are inspired by the holidays.  Looking for chocolate creations for your upcoming wedding or party?  Debra will work with you to create chocolates and chocolate trays for your needs.  One of my new favorite speciality chocolates is the Caramel Bijou.  The creamy caramel sits atop a crunchy cookie-like bottom layer, coated in dark chocolate, and then sprinkled with a French sea salt.  It was truly love at first bite.  With Valentines Day around the corner, my recommendation is getting a box of Caramel Bijou chocolates (and sneak an extra for yourself, I won’t tell).

Other Valentine’s Day treats that you may want to share with your loved one (or friends, because hey, friends like chocolate too), include Valentines Day gift boxes with truffles, chocolate covered twinkles, or a chocolate rose.  


Debra always has a variety of truffle creations that are in her store.  Whether you are interested in creating your own gift pack or buying one of the same type of flavor (you know we all do this at times when we find something we REALLY like), there are many to choose from.    Flavors, such as French Kiss (Peanut Butter Chocolate, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Cocoa Powder), Grand (Grand Marnier, Orange & Walnut truffle dipped in Milk Chocolate), and Crush  (Almonds, Raspberry & Raspberry Liquor truffle, with Dark Chocolate inside and covered in White Chocolate) will surely capture your attention and your taste buds.

Debra is also mindful in her creations of dietary needs and the growing gluten-free and vegan base here in Rochester.  She offers many chocolates that are gluten free.  Her base dark chocolate is milk and gluten-free, as well as vegan.  Whether you are searching for a personal treat, a gift for a loved one, or beyond, Affaire de Chocolat will meet your every need.  Be adventurous, try something new, and explore your taste buds and what Debra has to offer.

Enjoy and remember to Sip and Savour Rochester!

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