Sweet Sammie Jane’s

If you have read my posts before, you will know that I LOVE macarons.  I am always excited when I try macarons at new locations.  The flavors are endless allowing for a baker’s creativity to run wild.   I also love that they are bite-sized: just 2 or 3 bites and that is all that it takes!  Did I mention before that I just love mini desserts in general?  I like to have options…there is nothing wrong with options.  Can’t a girl eat some sweets around here?

Sweet Sammie Jane’s is a small boutique bakery offering just what I need – a variety of desserts, many in bite-size nuggets of deliciousness.  Co-owners, Angela and Kathy Marmo (Angela’s mother-in-law) joined forces to bring both the pastry and the catering world together.  The bakeshop is named for Angela’s 6 year old daughter Sammie (Samantha Jane) and Kathy’s mother-in-law Jane.

Growing up, Angela loved to create desserts for her family.  She was always experimenting and baking up a storm in her family’s kitchen.  Angela went to the French Pastry School in Chicago, then came back to Rochester.  Meanwhile, Kathy had already started her own catering business and upon coming back to Rochester, Angela joined in using her expertise in creating pastries.  Through encouragement and collaboration, the love of Sweet Sammie Jane’s was crafted with the joining of the two.  Sweet Sammie Jane’s originally opened a location in Chili.  It was there that macarons seem to become “their thing.”  Soon after, the Democrat & Chronicle featured an article on the boutique bakeshop and people began flocking in.  The word was out:  Sweet Sammie Jane’s is a local hot spot serving up fresh and delicious desserts.

Angela and Kathy knew that they needed to relocate and the perfect location was available…right on Park Avenue.  The shop fit into the eclectic vibe of the neighborhood with lots of foot traffic and an opportunity for more people to discover the delectable desserts.  “They get us and we can get funky and do fun flavors” says Angela reflecting on her neighborhood location of 3 years.  And funky they get!  Last year for the Lilac Festival, Angela created a flight of macarons featuring local hot spots around Rochester.  Macaron flavors included a macaron featuring BBQ sauce and bacon from Marty’s Meats, wine from Casa Larga and Scotch Ale from Genesee Brewery.  Yes Please!  

While these flavors are not a day to day occurrence, Sweet Sammie Jane’s continues to demonstrate their creativity.  Sammie, Angela’s daughter, helps in coming up with flavors that are enticing.   Angela also welcomes ideas from customers, so if you have a flavor profile in mind, feel free to get your creativity on and share your idea! The most popular flavor macarons are Salted Caramel and Birthday Cake.  Seasonal flavors are available as well, including fun flavors like mimosa in the summer and pumpkin and roasted pineapple in the fall.  Let’s also talk about the freshness of the macarons. This is so important as macarons can dry quite quickly.  Not only is the macaron said to be  one of THE hardest baked good to create due to its sensitivity (over-stirring by 3 seconds, under-stirring by 5 strokes and over or under baking by a matter of seconds can all ruin the beautiful desserts) but the temperature in which it is stored can also wreak havoc on its consistency.  Sweet Sammie Jane’s bakes their macarons fresh daily.  The macarons you see on the display shelves are display macarons only as the exposure to air and the change in air temperature can actually change the consistency and freshness of the macaron.  Bottom Line:  Your macaron is made fresh daily and will be the perfect consistency for enjoying.

While macarons are definitely a favorite among the crowd (and myself), you must also try the enticing cookies, brownies, cupcakes, tarts, and more!  Angela loves creating and she has an amazing creative team.  Pastry assistants Kristen Murty and Sam Luce join forces to bring the desserts that lure you in when you look into Sweet Sammie Jane’s displays.  Did you take a look at the caramel mini tart up front and center in the above picture?  Take a good, loooong look…because I may buy all of them and eat them myself!  They also have a birthday cake cookie, which my friends and I snagged as we were ending our course-by-course food tour (Blog Post to come soon.  In the mean time, check out this post to see my last course-by-course food tour by clicking here).  The cookie tasted just like birthday cake, but with a light and fluffy cookie texture.  The sprinkles remind me of Funfetti cake- you remember as a child baking Funfetti cupcakes don’t you?

Angela also works with her Cake Decorator Megan Brown to create orders for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more.  A Croquembouche was created for an event not too long ago, beautifully strung with crystalized sugary caramel.  Check out their Instagram page for more information on their beautiful and creative designs!

Sweet Sammie Jane’s newest venture is their food truck that you have probably seen at the Lilac Festival this year, the Food Truck Rodeo at the Rochester Public Market, or at other food truck events.  Their desserts can now travel to a location of choice, whether its one of the above mentioned events or your own event.  They offer many of the treats that are in their bakeshop.  Included in the offering is Creme Brûlée in both chocolate and vanilla flavors!  You can also see their food truck this summer at Casa Larga for their patio parties.  Look out for her husband Chris as well with his soon to come food truck venture:  Holy Roasters.  The concept includes a menu with meat that will be freshly carved before your eyes and onto your plate or sandwich.  They will also include some healthy ventures to entice the masses.

Sweet Sammie Jane’s needs to be on your list of go-to places in Rochester for some of the best desserts that you will try.  That’s the icing on the cake. Get it?  I have really been wanting to say that this whole time!  Thanks for standing by my nerdy humor.  You know you liked it though…

If you are looking for a way to support local aside from purchasing the yummy delicious treats, think about purchasing a t-shirt or onesie for your little macaron at home, who will one day grow up and want to sample perfection – just send them to Sweet Sammie Jane’s.  In the mean time, head over to Park Ave and fill up.  No one will tell if you go home with a box of baked goods and a few are missing!  

Sweet Sammie Jane’s
701 Park Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607

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