New York Kitchen

Get proud New York and celebrate the New York Kitchen with a “New Look, New Vibe, New Name”!


Let’s rewind to 2002 when the New York Wine & Culinary Center originated from a vision foreseen by Executive Chairman, Rob Sands’, father.  With a mission to represent local NYS culinary and wine producers, the dream became a reality.  Now fast forward to just a few days ago when the center transitioned into the New York Kitchen. “Our deep-rooted connection to New York State farmers, artisans, and craft beverage makers is part of what makes this place so special, and our new brand brings front and center the values that were there all along,” said Rob Sands.



This is “not a rebrand, but a rebirth,” says Courtney Cotrupe, President of Partners + Napier, a creative agency.  The New York Kitchen worked closely with Partners + Napier to develop a unique plan in moving forward with the image change.  With a new look, the New York Kitchen is broadening their reach across all ages, immersing guests in NYS food, drink and agriculture.  Today, many folks are in touch with the local culinary scene and have a growing interest in the craft beer, wine and spirit industry.  The NYK will continue to educate guests with cooking classes as well as their approaches to incorporating New York State food and drink across their menus.  Proudly supported by Taste NY, 80% of food and supplies are from NYS vendors.


The vibe is inviting and comforting – think of it as an extension of your home.  A relaxed destination to bring your friends for a drink, have a slice of wood-fired pizza, hang out lake-side with the family on the new patio or grab a snack from the food truck, the NYK is “a signature place for the region” describes Robert Duffy, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. ` Stop in experience local products easily accessible in the Tasting Room, The Pantry (shop), in the hands-on kitchen and across the menus.`


Celebrating the new vision of NYK, the first annual NYK Craft Brew & BBQ Fest will take place on June 23.  Brewers from across New York State will meet for a friendly competition providing guests with a chance to experience a taste of New York.  Tickets available for purchase soon.




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