Interested in partnering or collaborating together? I love opportunities to form and expand upon a brand/business relationship! Wondering in what ways we could connect?

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  • Events
  • Travel guides + sponsored travel content

Are you interested in connecting in another way not mentioned above? Contact me and let’s talk. I would love to hear your ideas!

“It is always such a pleasure to work with Stef on various projects & events that she coordinates throughout the course of each year. Always a professional and also knows how to make things fun. She is definitely someone who is a true Rochesterian, food lover and friend!”

~Chef Joe Gianvecchio, Sapori Cafe & Catering

“Stephanie Hanna is a passionate, caring force of nature. I deeply respect her view of the world. Her work is wonderful and her knowledge and insights are impactful. Stephanie’s personal brand at it’s core is about authenticity, truth. Her personality and the way she navigates through life is remarkable in it’s singular pursuit of being better at what she does- and doing more. She has a formidable thought process & excellent brainstorming skills. I highly recommend the valued experience of working along side Stephanie Hanna”

~Barry Strauber, RisingNY llc

“Stef has been such a pleasure to work with! Her passion for Rochester based companies is incredible, and she is authentic both behind the scenes and on social media. She is full of great ideas that truly highlight our business. We’ve found success in partnering with Stef!”

~Erika Agnollo, Marketing Specialist, Zweigle’s Inc.